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I can recall time and time again how many times my parents used to enforce a military regime when it came to exam time, ranging from a rather odd room cleaning routine to opening windows at odd times of the day to ensure I got fresh air while I tried to cram cram cram.

Parents, some of this is voodoo magic, some common sense and some incredibly useful and important to know.

Please allow me to shed some light on this:

The Voodoo:

● Keeping your room tidy (most geniuses work in messy environments)
● Keep the window open (all based on one’s body temperature)
● Eating food that makes you “smarter” (yes, there are food which are naturally better for your brain, but they don’t make you remember more of your Science work)

The Common Sense:

● Fresh air = going outside not keeping the window open, it is far more effective to sit outside for 5-10 minutes, or a short walk

● Staying up late and cramming will not work, sleep is critical, 9-12 hours is a must
● Eat well and eat healthy during your exam periods but don’t avoid treats and rewards

The Useful:

● Having a watertight revision schedule that is achievable and easy to feel fulfilled, this is MUCH more important than a tidy room.

● Regular breaks when you work, at Performance Learning we teach a 30 mins work and 15 mins rest cycle, modelled from my work with some of the best athletes in the world (and being a former Tennis pro), we work best in intervals, short, sharp, intense and focused.

● STOP when you get stressed, don’t keep pushing and pushing. Stress is often a sign of overwhelm i.e. your brain telling you that it has had enough! If you tear a muscle you don’t keep exercising it, if you find yourself getting stressed, frustrated or anxious (which will happen) go for a run, take a break, switch the TV on, phone a friend – do anything but the work in front of you until you are ready to get back to it.

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