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Turning Stressed into Desserts: Six Tips for Stress Management

There’s a reason why people say stressed is desserts spelt backwards. By identifying what it is that makes you stressed, you can change it around and turn something nasty into something sweet. Get the recipe below in our tips for stress management.


Feeling like you have so much to do, learn or make and not enough time to do it all is one of the biggest causes of stress. A key to stress reduction and a top tip for stress management is to prepare and plan in advance. Procrastination may be fun in the present but it will likely increase your stress level in the future, so get on with the work now!

If you need more immediate help with time management, it might be useful to prioritise your workload by focusing on what is most important now and which activity carries greater stakes. Why not take a look at our article here – How to Cope with An Increased Workload to find some top tips.

tips for stress management - time management

tips for stress management – PERSPECTIVE

How we think about and approach a problem determines how we feel about it. If you believe that every obstacle you encounter will have a huge impact on your life then you’ll become stressed. The key thing is changing your perspective. That exam won’t define your life. They’ll be other jobs. You’ll get another opportunity. If this doesn’t work, try to remember back to the last thing which caused you so much stress. How significant is it now? Daily life will throw us stressful situations that may seem huge in the moment but are often forgotten the next day.


Whilst some pressure is useful at getting us motivated, too much pressure may place an excessive burden on our mental health. If the stress is coming from yourself, it’s important to remind yourself that you’re not superhuman and that you can only do your best. Try and employ some stress relief tactics such as meditation and relaxation. Make sure you are getting enough sleep – sleep deprivation can heighten stress. Too much caffeine? Cut back, it will help! Did you know that physical activity can have a calming effect – why not try going for a walk to clear your head?

If you are beating yourself up because you feel like you’re not doing your best, reflect on why you think this may be. Did you not give yourself enough time for the task? If so, then this is something that can be worked towards and changed. Acknowledge that you have control over this and will work towards changing it. Try and overcome your negative emotions and look at how to learn from experiences that may have caused you mounting stress.

If the stress you are feeling is coming from others, it’s probably because they want you to do well and believe that you can. If you feel that it is excessive, it’s worthwhile to sit and discuss their expectations of you with them. Situations don’t need to be stressful, talk about how you can manage the situation.

top tips for stress management


Comparing yourself with others is never productive regardless of where you are relative to them. It either makes you feel inferior to others or invalidates your own achievements. Or it may make you feel superior to them and make you … arrogant. Be humble, know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have been given and be kind. Not only will it help your happiness and mental health but it will help you keep friends. Find out more about this top tip to help with stress management in our blog post HERE.

tips for stress management – FUTURE THINKING

Nothing spoils the joys of today like thinking about tomorrow. It’s okay to look ahead sometimes and have something to look forward to but you shouldn’t live in the future.

When we live in the future and only see the destination we want to be at, we put so much pressure on ourselves and everything we do that we lose perspective. We think that every task we do will have a huge impact on that future event that we become stressed if things don’t go exactly according to plan. But in thinking like this, we forget that, although there may be one destination, there are multiple ways of getting there. Not doing well on one biology paper doesn’t mean that your dreams for medical school are over. Rember to focus on daily life as well as the end goal.

tips for stress management - look forward not back


Not knowing how something is going to turn out makes us feel stressed and powerless and this is when our stress levels mount. Did you get into the school you applied for? Did that exam go well? It’s not knowing that kills us inside. The top tip and best trick to dealing with this is just embracing it. Embracing that you have to wait and that there is nothing more you can do about it. Life is ultimately about uncertainty – if we knew everything that was going to happen it would be no fun!

If it’s starting a new school or going back to school that is causing you to feel stressed, why not take a read of this article that we found which offers some top coping tips.

Those are some of our tips for stress management, we hope these help and remember not to let stress overwhelm you! When stress levels start to mount remember the ways that you can manage them. To stop stress in its tracks, make sure you are getting enough sleep, take some time to do some physical activity, and avoid unhealthy food like junk food. We may love our afternoon coffee but caffeine doesn’t help manage stress levels, why not go decaff with a healthy snack? Think about the things you can do that have a calming effect – deep breathing, meditation and relaxation. There are plenty of small daily life habits you can use to help with stress management and keeping your stress levels in check. Why not start creating positive habits now?


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