Learning Experience Platform UK – The Definitive Guide
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Learning Experience Platform UK – The Definitive Guide

Over the years, professionals have uncovered the transformative impact of personalised performance learning on a student’s academic success. 

We now know that the ever-evolving and highly advanced educational landscape in the UK calls for a holistic approach to learning. This is where tools like the learning experience platform come in. 

Performance Learning Coaching is an innovative educational programme that strategically supplements high-class tuition with a profound positive mindset shift to help boost school results. In this post, we bring you a comprehensive guide highlighting the key features of a Learning Experience Platform, and how we employ this technology to unlock our student’s full potential.

What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

Learning Experience Platform or LXP is a digital tool designed to deliver user-centric training. 

Since the advent of the internet, we have seen an explosive increase in mobile use and online content creation. LXP essentially taps into this digital revolution to help kids achieve good GCSE grades and academic excellence. 

The software integrates different multimedia elements (videos, e-books, images, infographics, virtual events, etc.) which facilitates educators to create engaging learning content for kids. It goes beyond traditional classroom lessons and provides students access to a variety of useful resources to help them grasp difficult concepts and ace their exams.

With new emerging fields, the educational curriculum has undergone a major shift in recent years. Schools have unfortunately failed to adapt accordingly, which is why educators and parents need dynamic programmes like a learning experience platform to better equip kids with the skills and knowledge they need for a successful career. 

5 Key Features of a Learning Experience Platform

Here are some of the pivotal features of LXP software:

AI-Driven Training

AI-based training is one of the reasons why a learning experience platform proves instrumental in a student’s academic success.

LXP utilises advanced algorithms to analyse individual learning patterns, and then automatically personalises the home screen to display the most relevant courses and learning materials. 

Additionally, AI integration empowers teachers by offering automated assessment and feedback. Besides this, teachers can also employ technology to easily prepare all kinds of teaching material (notes, videos, infographics, counselling sessions, etc.) that meet the diverse needs of modern learners. 


Chatbots are AI-powered virtual assistants (VA) within LXP that provide immediate support to students. A VA essentially helps make a learning experience platform more interactive by answering queries and offering on-demand assistance.

Intuitive User Interface for Trainers and Trainees

Given that LXP is committed to delivering an engaging learning experience, an intuitive user interface is one of its most important features.

The software’s UI makes it simple for the kids to navigate the available content. It tracks your online activity and uses the derived insights to recommend only the most relevant reading material, videos, and sessions. In the long run, this minimises the learning curve and ensures maximum productivity. 

Performance Analytics

The UI displays detailed analytics, enabling teachers to monitor a student’s performance. When provided with a detailed analysis of a learner’s performance, teachers can evaluate weak areas of a student, and make data-driven decisions to adopt a more effective teaching approach, tailored to a student’s needs.

Social Tools 

One of the best advantages of a digital tool is that it enables educators and learners to connect as a community. 

Users can ask direct questions and interact with each other. Parents have access to a range of excellent instructors they can enlist to help their kids through school. 

Teachers can receive instant feedback on their course material. The reviews and success stories posted on the platform encourage skill development in students. Furthermore, parents and kids have access to a dynamic support group of highly experienced coaches. 

All-in-all, a learning experience platform provides social tools and functionality that guarantee enhanced learning skills and a boost in academic results. 

How Does a Learning Experience Platform Help Students?

Here are some of the major reasons why your kids need a good learning experience platform besides traditional classroom lessons:

Personalised Learning 

A learning experience platform has a huge collection of resource material in the form of audio, whiteboard videos, animations, lecture slides, question banks, etc. By employing artificial intelligence, the UI tracks your activity and progress and accordingly recommends relevant stuff from the library. 

Additionally, students can also set their goals and preferences within the LXP, and the programme will ensure the display of material that aligns with your learning style.

Instead of getting confused about how to make the best use of the available resources, users can simply follow the courses structured by the algorithm. This saves time, ensures productivity, and guarantees success in exams.

Targeted Support

LXP has many professionals, who not only have expertise in the subject matter but are also experienced in helping students acquire the skills they need to perform well in school. 

A lot of students struggle with anxiety, behavioural issues, or lack of confidence, all of which hinder their academic success. On LXP you can find courses, and live webinars that instil critical problem-solving skills the kids need to excel in challenging subjects. 

Furthermore, students grappling with any difficult topics can easily access the available teaching material to clear their concepts. The regular assessments will be useful in testing their knowledge, and good progress will be visible in the analytics. All of this can prove paramount in helping kids build confidence. 


All you need to use a learning experience platform is a smart device and an internet connection. This essentially means that kids can access LXP from anywhere, at any time. 

LXP accommodates your pace, unique learning needs and schedule – something you do not find in a classroom setting. From the comfort of their homes, learners can explore content libraries, track their progress, and easily consult professionals for guidance.

Furthermore, taking tuition and performance learning coaching online is relatively cheaper than in-person sessions. This cost-effectiveness is another reason why your kids need LXP instead of expensive and probably ineffective private tuition. 

Tech-Savvy Learning for Tech-Driven Future

The digital era calls for a crucial paradigm shift in education, and a learning experience platform perfectly embraces this change. 

Using LXP software through school exposes students to a wide array of online resources while also fostering computer literacy. Simply put, LXP enables the fast and efficient learning that kids need to prepare for a tech-reliant future. 

What To Look for In a Learning Experience Platform?

Here are some of the factors you should consider when selecting a student learning experience platform:

Content Quality and Variety

Even among student LXPs, there are significant variations in content quality. You need to choose the one that has a versatile library and hosts educational material in different formats. 

Performance Learning Coaching is a platform that believes in tailored comprehensive coaching. We believe there is a strong connection between behaviour and grades, and therefore, alongside subject lessons, we also work towards a positive mindset shift.

Other than subject lectures, our programme offers webinars on the coping mechanisms and essential skills your child needs to succeed in and beyond the classroom. 


A generic, one-size-fits-all approach to teaching is one of the main reasons why kids struggle at school. Therefore, when it comes to LXP, always choose one that can adapt best to your kid’s pace and learning requirements.

At Performance Learning Coaching, we schedule a 30-minute call with parents at the time of registration to figure out what kind of support they need. Then, throughout our training programme, we provide students with relevant resources that help them perform well. 

Robust Data Analysis

Your progress on LXP is based on data-driven learning decisions. This implies that a robust analysis of your activity and progress is paramount to ace your exams. Make sure the LXP you use provides profound insight to both learners and educators. 

Performance Learning Coaching is a platform known for its effective online assessments. Our advanced AI offers insightful progress reports which helps educators and learners identify any weak areas they need to focus on. Furthermore, parents also have access to our LXP where they can regularly keep track of their kid’s performance. 


Besides being an educational platform, LXPs are also a digital support community. Encouraging peer interaction and fostering a sense of community within students is a feature of LXP.

At Performance Learning Coaching, we give our trainees an option to enlist in group coaching. These small groups allow kids to bond and learn together, while also receiving individual attention from the educator. 

Support and Resources

24/7 customer support and active interaction of teachers with students are other crucial features you should look for in an LXP.

At Performance Learning Coaching (PLC), we take things up a notch. Besides having access to an active customer support team, parents and students can also frequently schedule one-on-one calls with our coaches to learn how to create a positive and fruitful learning environment at home. 

Easy-to-Navigate User Interface

The intuitive, and overall design of the UI is different for each software. Select a LXP that you find easy to navigate. 

At PLC, we believe in simple and fun learning. We have hundreds of excellent teachers and thousands of registered students, both of whom find the platform engaging and easy to use. 

Why Does Your Kid Need a Performance Learning Coach?

Performance Learning Coaching (PLC) is one of the leading digital educational programmes in the UK, known for our commitment to teaching both ‘how to learn’ and ‘what to learn’.

We believe empowering kids with a growth mindset can shape them into adaptable learners – something that will help them through educational life and beyond.

More often than not, kids struggle at school due to a lack of personalised guidance. At PLC, we offer online tuition with compassionate and highly skilled coaches. This ensures your kid gets the best education, at their own pace, from the comfort of their home.

A holistic approach to learning is based on the active involvement of parents and coaches alike. In this regard, we offer training sessions on effective strategies parents can adopt at home to help build their children’s confidence and critical thinking skills. 

Furthermore, our coaches also frequently schedule one-on-one calls with parents to discuss their child’s academic performance. 

Our strategic performance learning coaching is backed by years of research. In a decade, we have helped over 250,000 trainees achieve academic excellence, and your child could be our next success story! Visit our page, schedule a call, and get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do all Learning Experience Platforms have the same focus?

Learning experience platforms are diverse and have different features.

For example, LXPs targeted toward students emphasise more on assessments, microlearning, and progress tracking. On the other hand, LXPs in corporations focus more on certifications to help meet industry regulations.

Similarly, the content type varies depending on the training context. Employee LXPs typically offer professional development courses to help in the workplace, whereas student LXPs provide educational material and webinars /lectures on learning skills essential for success in exams. 

Additionally, employee LXPs frequently integrate with HR systems, whereas student LXPs primarily connect with teachers. 

What’s the difference between a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A learning management system or LMS is a web-based technology that focuses on offering a structured learning process. It typically features course management, evaluations, grading, and certification. 

The learning experience platform takes things up a notch by customising the user interface. 

LMS is primarily designed for compliance-driven learning and enables teachers to provide content and track a student’s progress. LXP on the other hand, is more centred on a learner’s needs. It goes beyond structured courses and uses artificial intelligence to recommend relevant material from a vast library of available resources.

While both LMS and LXP are used in educational and corporate settings, LXP has repeatedly proven to be more beneficial when the goal is to provide holistic performance support. 

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