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Do You Need Another Tutor or Does Your Child Need a Learning Coach?

In today’s educational landscape, the pursuit of academic excellence is increasingly competitive. As the pressures continue to intensify, the need for a results-driven approach to academic support continues to grow. It isn’t just about what your child needs to study, but how they learn and process academic materials.

The traditional in-person or online tutor experience is a viable solution for struggling students, but online tutors only offer subject-specific guidance, limiting their scope and ability to help students reach new academic heights in various areas.

Luckily, as research and education evolve, new learning strategies emerge, creating a demand for new learning approaches that delve into self-directed learning. This kind of holistic skill development is known as Performance Learning Coaching.

Although both online tutoring and Performance Learning Coaching exist to enhance a student’s academic experience, tutoring focuses on what to learn, whereas a Performance Learning Coach provides guidance on how to learn and empowers the student to be more in control.

For long-term success, students need to develop specific skills that enable them to be more inquisitive and receptive learners, well-prepared for a changing world, which isn’t achievable with tutoring alone. In fact, a 2021 survey shows that most parents in the UK don’t believe that the school system adequately prepares children for the workforce.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Performance Learning Coaching and how you can transform your child’s academic journey and beyond.

Understanding how your child learns is crucial for academic advancement

When you look at academics from the surface level of the subject matter, it’s like putting on a band-aid. Chances are you’ll have to keep going back each time an issue arises, whereas, with a Performance Learning Coach, children develop the skills that are necessary to be resilient in the face of challenges and continue to set and meet goals.

Sometimes, a subject-specific online tutor is a great resource—for targeting specific standardized testing. However, a Performance Learning Coach can help students unlock their full potential, by considering their unique learning style. 

In fact, a study by The University of the West of Scotland indicates that discovering your learning style can result in improved self-understanding, boosted confidence, more effective learning, and better professional decisions.

If your child is struggling with school, it’s important not to assume that an online tutoring session is the quick-fix solution they need. Take a moment to consider the following: Could it be that they simply need someone to help guide them in a way that aligns with their learning style and unique abilities?

Benefits and limitations of traditional tutoring

There are several advantages to in-person and online tutoring, including improved academic performance and boosted classroom confidence. One of the most significant reasons to seek out the guidance of a tutor is for test anxiety and subject-specific matters, like for GCSES, 11 plus exam, and other standardized exams. 

It’s also helpful for targeted assistance that focuses on specific areas where a student is struggling. For example, online maths tutors can help with things like algebra, and calculus, and practice GCSE maths past papers and other materials. 

For standardized testing, it’s beneficial to find someone who considers themselves an exam pro, so your child can get as much insider insight as possible. However, it’s important to keep in mind that all these things fall under the what-to-learn approach, rather than improving how the student learns and processes information.

Without the right intervention, students can’t perform at their best, even if they have a specialized one-on-one tutor. Forming a holistic perspective on how your child learns is what will make the difference in their educational journey, yielding the results you desire.

Whether in person or online, tutors typically only address specific academic challenges, rather than addressing the student and their unique learning attributes, leaving a void in your child’s academic toolkit.

Understanding Performance Learning Coaching

Performance Learning Coaching is an innovative approach to academic support that extends beyond the basics of traditional in-person and online tutoring.

Holistic learning and skill development

Rather than assessing your child from the perspective that they have knowledge gaps, Performance Learning Coaches appreciate that academic and exam success are built on a foundation of understanding how to best exercise a student’s learning style, it isn’t simply based on what you learn. Using a psychology-based approach makes it easier to help identify obstacles your child might be facing and how to bring the best out of them.

Instead of just being able to regurgitate information from a book, students will learn to use information in a way that leads to better retention and overall improved results in the classroom. Students will develop the necessary skills to succeed in all their coursework, like innovative comprehension and retention techniques for heavy text-based subjects and languages, and problem-solving skills for analytical subjects.

Aside from academics, Performance Learning Coaches help students work on building resilience, confidence, and problem-solving abilities that will serve them well beyond the classroom. This style of approach helps enable students to excel both personally and professionally, in addition to their academics.

Helping students during times of change

Learning coaching can also be a great tool during periods of transition, like moving to a new level or any significant life changes. Unlike traditional online tutors, Performance learning coaches can help students develop life skills and provide them with the tools to adapt to new challenges, manage expectations, and maintain balance.

For example, students that are struggling with time management, lack of motivation, or academic stress don’t need an online tutor, they need someone who understands how to unlock motivation in individuals in untraditional ways.

How coaching differs from tutoring

Online tutors are usually limited in their experience outside of the subjects that they help reinforce. On the other hand, learning coaching involves a much broader spectrum of skills and attributes that are necessary for personal growth and academic success. 

Coaches play a much more active role in a student’s life than online tutors. They are mentors, guides, and motivators, laying each step of the way for students to adopt a growth mindset and hit their academic goals.

Signs your child might need a learning coach instead of an online tutor

1.   They struggle with organization and time management

Disorganization can lead to missed deadlines, lost assignments, and all kinds of added stress. One of the tell-tale signs a student will benefit from a Performance Learning Coach is if they have poor time management skills and can’t seem to keep organized.

A learning coach will work closely with your child to help them come up with a process that works for them, one that they’re most likely to stick with. They can learn things like prioritization, schedule management, and effective organizational strategies. Students will feel empowered to stay on track with their academic duties and help create a healthy balanced routine.

Some kids are extremely intelligent and creative but don’t have innate organizational abilities, so removing that roadblock is paramount in guiding them to the path of success. A learning coach can help uncover the steps necessary to help students figure out techniques that feel natural to them, techniques that work with their minds instead of against them.

2.   They show a lack of engagement in the learning process

Too often, children get labeled as “lazy” when all they really need is someone to show interest in their unique abilities and interests. If your child is showing a lack of motivation and is disinterested in their schoolwork, a learning coach can help you reignite their curiosity and natural drive to learn.

By creating an environment that helps the child identify their unique aspirations, interests, and strengths, learning coaches can inspire children to become engaged in their studies by harnessing their knowledge and understanding how to best apply it.

Sometimes students become disengaged out of boredom, so it’s important to identify if your child’s learning needs some additional stimulation or more challenging coursework to keep them engaged and on the right path. For example, if they have a hard time with text-based subjects, you might want to incorporate study exercises that break up the text consumption into more digestible, bite-sized lessons.

A good tutor isn’t going to help resolve this kind of issue—you need a Learning Coach to help you get to the root of why your child is feeling disconnected from their academics. People tend to stick with the habits they grow up with and the sooner you can encourage your child to adopt a growth mindset, the more likely they are to succeed.

3.   They have difficulty setting and meeting academic goals

It’s hard enough for adults to hit their goals, so it’s understandable that some students have a hard time breaking down their goals into objective tasks and having the accountability to show up consistently.

When it comes to setting realistic objectives, learning coaches can play a pivotal role in helping a child take the actionable steps necessary to meet their goals and exceed expectations. The ongoing support and encouragement that comes standard with a Performance Learning Coach is the accountability aspect that is so important for implementing sustainable habits and learning strategies. 

A tutor can help a student identify what they need to study according to their grades, but a Performance Learning Coach understands how to set up achievable goals that are in-line with their special educational needs and learning style.

4.   They don’t display essential problem-solving skills

If you notice your child struggles with problem-solving, early intervention is always going to yield significant results. Critical thinking and problem-solving are fundamental skills that can enhance your child’s life well beyond the realm of academics. 

Learning coaches can help nurture and develop a child’s analytical and creative thinking abilities, leading to enhanced confidence and competence to handle any problems that come their way. Problem-solving skills go well beyond the classroom and help prepare your child for the real world, not just their exams. So, think of a learning coach as an investment in several areas of their lives.

5. They show signs of low self-esteem or lack of desire to attend school

Children of all ages experience anxiety around school and their academic performance, and it isn’t always bullying that makes a student want to stay home. If a child doesn’t feel like they have the right support system for their studies, it can create a negative pattern that leads them to resent school and potentially fall off their academics completely. 

Early intervention is always more effective, so if your child is showing any signs of not wanting to go to classes, try to find out more about why they might be feeling that way. Sometimes it’s as simple as them forgetting that a test was coming up so they were unprepared. Other times, students have tried to learn the material and need further support to fully grasp the subject matter. 

No matter the case, it’s important that students feel empowered to ask for help when they need it, so they can put their best foot forward and work towards a bright future. Setting the tone and building confidence now is crucial for future performance, so at least exploring the option of a coach is worth a discussion. 

Long-term benefits of Performance Learning Coaching

When you hire a Performance Learning Coach, it’s essential to leverage the power of collaboration. Let your child’s teacher know, so they can offer you feedback on classroom behavior and academic progress.

The sooner you begin, the sooner your child will start to show results like improved grades, engagement, motivation, and confidence. This newfound academic achievement helps instill a sense of accomplishment and fuels motivation, encouraging students to set higher learning goals and embrace continuous growth.

Building academic momentum with confidence

When a student sees tangible results for their work, it builds confidence and provides the necessary reinforcement to keep going. This newfound self-assurance helps students stay focused on learning goals and growth.

The more confident students are, the more likely they are to approach their studies with grit and determination. This improvement in performance starts out in the classroom, but it noticeably spills into other areas of life as well. Whether they participate in sports, music, art, dance, or other activities, there’s a strong chance you’ll notice an improvement in those areas as well. 

Life skills you can take outside the classroom

When it comes to online tutoring and learning coaching sessions, a coach provides their students with real-world skills that aid their performance in the classroom but can also help them achieve goals in life outside academia. 

Self-directed learners make more self-sufficient adults, which means that when you hire a learning coach you’re laying the foundation for future academic success. The impact of this coaching can be so significant that your child takes inspiration well into their adulthood, drawing from their experiences to launch new professional endeavors.

How to find the right learning coach

Think about your purpose

If you’re trying to decide between a tutor and learning coach, think about what results you’re hoping to achieve. If your child struggles with test anxiety, a tutor might be able to provide exam pro insights, like details about GCSES, 11 plus exam papers, and other past papers.

If your child is struggling with studying and academic performance in general, learning coaches provide comprehensive support to help them form habits that are best suited for their learning style. Compared to traditional tutoring, it’s a much more holistic approach, addressing many more layers than regular tutoring can provide. 

Even if you want to work with an exam-specific tutor, it’s still beneficial to consult with a Performance Learning Coach to evaluate your child’s current performance and come up with an action plan to start working toward better results and exam success.

Talk to an expert

The most effective way to decide if a learning coach is right for your child is by speaking directly with a professional. Each child has their own set of unique needs, and a learning coach can help curate the perfect routine. Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with the team at Performance Learning Coaching today to decide if learning coaching might be what your child needs to unlock their full potential. 

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